Balinese guys wearing sarong,udeng, saput to temple ,do they put on underwear inside the sarong?


I visited bali Indonesia a lot of times, I discovered guys wearing the sarong, udeng, saput when they go to temple are genuinely desirable. But I am just curious to know ,do they wear underwear inside the sarong? what is their custom?anybody knows?


Answer by Stephen J
Yes man, yes

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  • knack_at

    Ask one of the guys out and lift it up. You might be surprised, you might not. Give it a try, you never know.

  • Dean O

    technically, its not part of their requirements to wear undies… it was never explicitly stated anywhere… but in this modern day, yes my friend…

  • Jake

    Generally speaking, men will wear either light weight or “gym” shorts and boxers beneath their sarong. This isn’t necessarily for comfort so much as to keep their sarong from getting soaked in sweat (they tend to be made out of fairly delicate fabric).


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