Can you get norovirus twice in the identical week?


I just got over having norovirus yesterday. Now my mom has it because she got it from me. I got it due to the fact there is an outbreak of it at my school. I was just wondering if I can get it again from my mom? And if I can, what are some approaches to avert it?


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Yes, it’s feasible- It really is the gift that keeps on providing. Usually, you have a short period of immunity if you just had it. But I have heard of men and women obtaining it once more if their bodies didn’t create adequate immunity. You need to use a bleach and water resolution to kill the virus on all hard surfaces. The quantity of bleach needed to kill Norovirus is conflicting, but I would go with 1/four cup of bleach for every single gallon of water and then wipe everything down with this remedy. wait 10 minutes and use a wet cloth to wipe it off. DO NOT retailer your bleach answer after you’ve mixed it as the bleach becomes ineffective at killing norovirus right after getting left out for a couple of hours, so mix a new batch everytime you have to clean. Clean Toilets, sinks, Everything. Wash garments completely. Wash your hands before you touch your face and especially just before you consume. It only requires 10 virus particles to infect some 1. ONLY 10!!! 10 small invisible virus particles. Everytime an individual vomits or expels diarrhea, it spews BILLIONS of virus particles. It really is an really powerful virus.

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