Do you think that the Steubenville rapists got a just punishment ?

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Must the men and women who watched this crime and egged it on be arrested?


Answer by Grande
these folks with have to reside with the consequences of their actions for the rest of their lives
justice served

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  • ClicketyClack

    I heard on TV that the authorities will probably charge some of the onlookers and especially the people who forwarded the video, emails, photos, etc. And yes, the two perpetrators convicted so far have gotten a just punishment, imo. The statement by the mother of the victim was spot on.

  • LoveMyBabies

    Not even close. These bast@rds should have been tried as adults. They should be in prison, not juvenile detention. They should be rotting away for 10 years for what they did. They have no remorse, they cried because they got convicted. They’re “sorry” they got caught. And their little friends who witnessed the whole ordeal need to be charged with failure to report a felony. They are just as guilty. As are the parents of all involved. Who lets high schoolers have crazy parties with so much drinking going on that a girl is raped and carried from party to party. Where are the parents? Why aren’t they more involved in their kids’ lives? This whole thing disgusts me. I’m right across the river in Wheeling, and I fear for my own daughter. If this is the way things are now, how will it be in 14 years when she’s the age of that young girl. “Because she was drunk” is not a reason to put blame on her. She shouldn’t have been there, they shouldn’t have been there, but they all were. That doesn’t give them just cause to rape her. They got a slap on the wrist for something so heinous. The only thing I agree with regarding the sentence is that they will have to register as sex offenders for the rest of their lives. Anyone who disagrees with that can kiss my big booty bc THEY RAPED HER, therefore, they’re sex offenders and should have to register as such.

  • Cecil n

    If they were rapists, they have received just punishment. Unfortunately, the background of the “victim” was off limits to the defense. While what the males did was a tragedy and a crime, it seems the female willingly and knowingly put herself in a position to become a victim, and bears some responsibility. The ones who need their butts kicked are the “parents” who allowed their sons and daughters to degenerate into animals. I believe rape is a crime, and real. False accusations to cover up for bad decisions are also a crime, and real. Only those actually involved know the complete truth.

  • Zestfully Clean

    To the person above me:

    Bullshit. I was a young female before, I went to parties before, and I have never “willingly” put myself in a situation where I would become a victim, and neither did she. I’m sure that if I weren’t so lucky, something like that could have happened to me. The only difference between her and me is that most boys their age have the moral compass to know that rape is wrong.

    If she had just gone to the party and nothing happened to her, no one would be saying that she put herself in a position to become a victim. Only when she IS a victim does she get blamed for something. Think about that.

    People murder when someone pisses them off. But that doesn’t make it any more acceptable to murder someone, now does it? Or, perhaps someone shouldn’t put themselves in a position that would make themselves a victim, going on that logic! Ridiculous

  • amber moon

    I think that sweet justice was served. They were both convicted and have to register as sex offenders and now everyone in America knows their faces and these guys will never be able to put it in their past and just bury it.

    Trent Mays dug his own rut when he raped that girl and put pictures of her naked body on the internet. I hope that he’s happy, because he got himself convicted.

  • Christiaan J

    They got more than what is usually given for these type of incidents, especially for guys without any priors. Generally, the typical punishment for a sexual assault such as this is probation and perhaps some kind of public service. This is not the first time I’ve heard of this happening, but I have never seen boys having to register as sexual offenders on a first offense of digital penetration. In this case, the media blew this case nationally and forced the judge to make an example out of these boys. They are underage, and you have to treat them that way, especially in case where it was disturbing, but not excessively violent with major injuries. Alayna Macaluso, the victim, should not go without some kind of blame herself. She obviously made herself a lot of enemies and carelessly put herself in a dangerous situation.

  • BelladonnaCove

    Poor Alayna Macaluso. Check out her facebook pages.


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