How can I remove fluid trapped BEHIND eardrum ?


My mom lost her hearing suddenly. Ear nose & throat doc injected Novocaine & then “vacuumed” fluid out. Two days later, fluid came back. We have attempted swimmer’s ear liquid, ear candle, ear wax removal kit, swimmer’s ear liquid & then suction immediately……Aid


Answer by LORI
She requirements to go back to the medical doctor.

You shouldn’t place all this stuff in her ear appropriate now, you happen to be just introducing new germs from all the treatments which can result in new infections and even far more fluid. Do not try something else at property, this stuff isn’t going to get rid of the fluid anyway. It just cleans out the wax and ear canal but it will not get rid of the fluid from behind the ear drum. That fluid is from infection, and it does not actually just drip out by itself from the middle ear. It either goes away on its own/with antibiotic treatment, or it wants to be drained by the medical professional.

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  • Mace Windu

    Yes, definitely go to the doctor.
    I have the same problem. Some how fluid will get back there (usually, with me, it’s related to earwax — when the wax becomes impacted in there, it tends to happen more to me) behind the eardrum, and my hearing will fluctuate. It’s very annoying.
    I’ve read that anyone with that recurring problem should do their best to keep any kind of soap/shampoo out of their ear.
    I told my doctor that it’s a recurring problem with me, and he said if it was real bad, I could come back and get them to cut an incision in my eardrum, put a little “pipe” in there to help the fluid come out. But that would also make it easier for fluid to get back there.
    Cleaning out the earwax can help it from happening again (at least keep it from happening soon), but as another person said, it won’t rid of the fluid behind the eardrum.

  • galloppal

    None of those treatments can do anything for fluid that is behind the eardrum. The eardrum is a membrane separating the outer ear canal from the middle ear. If the fluid is in the middle ear, it has to drain through the eustachian tube. Have your mom try to pop her ears by holding her breath and creating pressure. This will open the eustachian tubes, which drain fluid from the middle ear to the nasopharynx. Also, get a decongestant to speed up the process of drying up the fluid. If it persists, she may need to have a tube placed in the eardrum to equalize the pressure in the ear and allow it to drain.


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