Kevin Ware’s Gruesome Injury — See The Close-Up Pic!

Kevin’s leg injury on Mar. 31 may go down as the most horrific, graphic injury that’s ever happened on national TV. For those who haven’t seen it, we have a close-up image of the ghastly, bone-protruding injury. You can keep reading to see it, but be warned — it’s not a pretty sight.

Kevin Ware’s Gruesome Injury [VIDEO]

If you’re covering your eyes right now, we wouldn’t blame you. Kevin Ware’s leg snapping after he landed awkwardly in his Louisville team’s game against Duke was quite possibly the most stomach-churning thing we’ve ever seen.

sUmF1AS Kevin Ware’s Gruesome Injury — See The Close Up Pic!

Kevin Ware’s Bone-Protruding Injury

Kevin’s coach Rick Pitino filled a reporter in on the severity of the injury after the game: “Basically the bone popped out of the skin. It broke in two spots. It will take a year to come back,” he said. Rick confirmed that Kevin’s bone was protruding six inches out of his skin. Ouch!

Kevin was rushed to a nearby Indianapolis hospital where he underwent emergency surgery. Doctors reset Kevin’s bone, closed the wound that the injury created, and inserted a metal rod in his right tibia, according to a tweet from Louisville’s athletic director for media relations. The surgery took nearly two hours total.

Louisville says Kevin Ware will have no medical bills

Kevin Ware: Handling His Injury Admirably

But do you know who seems to be taking this the best? Kevin Ware! Even as he was being stretchered off the court, he repeatedly told his teammates, “Win the game.” And today, Apr. 1, Kevin was photographed on crutches walking around his hospital room — less than 24 hours after his grueling surgery.

And reported EXCLUSIVELY that “If he is medically cleared, he wants to be on the bench with his teammates to show his support for their quest on winning the National Championship.”

How the guy who suffered the injury pictured above is being positive and supportive is amazing to us. Kevin is truly an inspiration.


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