Popular male actor with blonde hair green eyes?


My pal is writing a novel and we had been both attempting to uncover a popular male actor that looked like a single of the primary characters. He has dark green eyes and scraggly, somewhat curly blonde hair but not as well curly, you know? And it’s not super blonde, either. I do not really know. She gave me this hyperlink: http://th02.deviantart.net/fs71/PRE/i/2011/026/9//tmi_by_burdge_bug-d384f87.jpg
but yeah.
“Dragging a hand via his curly blond hair, he grips the pencil with far more force, lines forming in in between his eyebrows and mouth setting in a straight line. Aggravation is clear on his face, and soon after a moment of twirling the pencil amongst his lengthy, skinny fingers, he puts it down and leans back exasperatedly.”
“The boy’s eyes narrow. With no one more word, he throws the worn journal in his bag and stands up to leave. His sweater, which is an awfully ugly pattern, is too huge for him. He appears swallowed by the shapeless fabric as it hangs off his lengthy limbs his hands disappear in the sleeves.”
“Harrison has, Jude hates to admit, an practically girly face, fair hair curling around his ears and down his neck, falling messily into his eyes, and his pointed cheekbones are flushed and wet with the rain. If not for his eyes, which are a bored and sad green, and his permanent scowl, Jude would have assumed he is a pleased individual.”
“Him and his awful, ugly, over-sized sweaters, and his stupid shiny Oxfords, and his stupid untidy blond curls, and his stupid intelligence and his stupid superior demeanor, stupid stupid stupid stupid.
In actuality, Harrison isn’t all that impressive. Sure, he’s got that complete slouchy, disheveled, posh Hipster point going on—”
But yeah. I do not know. Helllllp?


Answer by L
A young Charlie Hunnam?


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