Secret McDonald’s Menu Hacks

#13 The McLand Sea and Air Burger

Calling all meat lovers! This one’s for you. This monster’s called the McLand Sea and Air Burger.

Have you ever wished McDonald’s could combine a Big Mac, Filet O’Fish and McChicken at the same time? Well they have. The McLand Sea and Air Burger uses meat from animals found on land, sea and air. All three patties are eaten on one bun. Yum!

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#12 Grilled Cheese

Grilled cheese is an American classic. Two pieces of bread. Nothing but cheese separating them. Yum.

Every McDonald’s now offers a Grilled Cheese.
Simply ask for one. The classic soft McDonald’s bun is combined with gooey cheddar cheese. For those times when you’re not craving meat but just want some good old fashioned comfort food.

1223 Secret McDonalds Menu Hacks

#11 Poor Man’s Big Mac

For those of you that want to save a little money. The price of a Big Mac can get to be expensive if you keep ordering them. The Poor Man’s Big Mac offers you the same taste at a third of the price.

To try a Poor Man’s Big Mac, order a McDouble, but omit the pickles and ketchup. Instead, ask for special sauce, onion, and lettuce. You now have a mini Big Mac. The flavor of a Big Mac is all there at the price of a McDouble. And an added bonus is that you can order 3 or 4 Poor Man’s Big Macs for the price of one Big Mac. Pretty nifty, huh?

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#10 Ice Cream Floats

Who doesn’t love ice cream floats? Not us, that’s for sure! At McDonald’s you can have both Coke floats and root beer floats made.

For root beer floats, you can order root beer then ask for some vanilla ice cream to be added in for a classic treat. Coke tastes good with any ice cream. You can order any flavor you’d like with it. Yum!

1022 Secret McDonalds Menu Hacks

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