What do NASCAR drivers do during the race if they have to pee?


I am questioning what NASCAR drivers do if they have to pee throughout a race that lasts for hours. Do they have some way of relieving themselves in the vehicle?


Answer by Clint E
hang it out the window

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  • boneko1lector

    Piss in their suits (Fighter Pilots do, too). Can’t lose the race over a full bladder ya know.

    I’m not joking by the way.

  • Amapolita

    They are probably used to it. They might not drink any liquids before they race and they go to the bathroom before the race.

  • xlilw3irdox

    nope they dont, my father was a race car driver and told me some of them have catheters put in and some pee their pants believe it or not =)

  • Charlie

    I don’t think that they want to talk about it.
    Does that answer your question?

  • JordoSinski

    It Depends (pun intended).

  • Eleanor Roosevelt

    I don’t think they drink anything during the race and also the inside of the car is so hot that they sweat quite a bit which probably helps.

  • Aneres

    Lol..never thought about that…I’m assuming that could also probably be a good reason as to why they run into the walls and wreck each other’s race cars in some cases…lol, they probably have to pee so bad at times they lose control!!

  • bubastiss

    This is the most common and dumbest question people ask racecar drivers. And yes they do drink a ton of fluids for days before the race. They have to. They loose between 5 – 10 lbs. sweating during the race. But if they have to, then you gotta do what ya gotta do. Tony Stewart pooped his pants during a Busch race and won the race a few years ago. He went straight to his motor home, showered and changed, then did the race winner interviews. And xlilw3, your father lied. They do not use catheters. How silly is that.

  • Bow-Legged snake

    Let it flow… Let it flow… in my pants…. GOT-TA-GO !!!!!!
    Got-a-go…. got-a-go…. in my pants… THEY WON’T KNOW !!!

  • dalejr4ever

    LOL..Bow legg you crack me up….These guys sweat big time during a race, it gets real hot in those suits, so they sweat it out…Besides most guys can hold it longer than most of us gals anyway..

  • select_fan

    no cathiters. gotta hold it.

  • jeepsarecool

    Pull into the pits and run to the portolet

  • caveman

    Kinda a hospital relief system..

  • sllde

    The real race drivers just goes in there suits, but Gordon wears depends.

  • mlblue1960

    since they dehydrate so badlt the need for that is highly unlikely, if on the odd chance they have to they just go not like you can stop the car and get out


    have a nice day


    They drive faster.
    During the race most drivers will sweat out the fluids,this is a way to get rid of body waste.As they age the chances of whizzing in the firesuits happens but most drivers can go about 3 to 4 hours without a break.

  • #48JJfan

    They sweat so bad during the race (losing up to ten pounds in one race) that the need is probably rarely there. It’s hard enough for them to keep hydrated during a race.

  • Amanda

    They just let it go if it happens but everyone is right, they sweat so much they probably don’t have to urinate much.

    Catheters can be painful, I can’t see any guy willingly doing that every week

  • Ed P

    They sweat the fluids out and hold the rest!!!!

  • 48's biggest fan

    They don’t have to pee they stop drinking fluids 2 to 3 hours before the race so this does not happen. besides they sweat so much that they lose fluids that way.

  • Jamie McMurray Fan

    Some people already mentioned it. But the drivers sweat it out during the race. The insides of those race cars can get up to 130-140 degrees very easily during a race day.

  • Edwyn

    Im sure they go to the rest room before the race.

  • Tina

    …They try to hold it until when they need a caution. Then there is a hole in the floor board. As they go into a curve they will do their thing and let it drain out from under the cars spinning the car out behind them. That allows them to go in and make more adjustments to their setups.

    …Seriously if they have to they just do it. When you don’t drink water regularly (like they don’t when they race) then the liquids that they consumed earlier gets used by the body.

  • lyn p

    They just go.
    as Kasey Kahne said
    “if it happens it can only happen under caution.” Actually there was a funny conversation betwen his crew a couple of races ago about that.

    Kasey: “I gotta pee. I had to pee since lap 50″
    Kenny: “Well Keith just went if that helps you *laughs*”
    Kasey: “The belts are too tight, I can’t go! If I go, I’ll just make a huge mess for you”
    Kenny: “Thank you”
    Keith: “I just went for ya, man”
    Kenny: “KEVIN, WHERE ARE YOU?!”
    Kevin: “Takin’ a leak for Kasey”
    ^Lowe’s, Red Flag – Oct 13/07

  • choy

    they can’t skip drinking fluids before the race. auto racing takes a lot of fluids out of the body. i know F1 drivers lose more than 10 pounds of body weight during a race because of fluids lost. NASCAR drivers could be somewhere around 5. its very hot in the car. they may not have to pee at all with all the fluid loss. but if they do they do in their suit.


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