What is the climax, conflict+resolution, and theme for Catching Fire by Suzanne Collins?


I’m reading Catching Fire by Suzanne Collins, and I want to know what the climax, conflict, resolution, and theme is for the book. I’m sort of confused about it. icon sad What is the climax, conflict+resolution, and theme for Catching Fire by Suzanne Collins?

Also, for homework, what is the tone and mood of the entire book?


Answer by Amya
I hope your writing an essay or something on this.
In Catching Fire, the conflict, nicely, there are tons. Let’s say the games. Katniss is stuck in the games, with no cheating permitted this time, and a bunch of individuals she now likes. The climax, possibly the last bit in the ring, with the many explosions… The resolution is when the shield breaks, and Katniss is taken out. There are too several themes to just say one particular- there’s survival, government repression, the bonds or adore, friendship, and hatred, ect, ect.
The mood/tone is usually dark, and at instances sinister. There are little rays of hope and laughter all through the book nevertheless- all the greater to contrast.
hope this aids. ^^

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