What kind of haircut does Justin Timberlake have and how does he do his sideburns?


What kind of haircut does Justin Timberlake have like for example an “ARMY Reduce.” Also, how does he do his sideburns? Is it like a box or pointy like spanish people do? I am asian so not confident it would appear excellent on me.


Answer by zuttputt
A BUZZ Reduce or BUZZ cut

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  • tink89

    If you want what he has just go to a Salon and take a picture of him and they will do it for you!! I cant tell you wether it would good on you or not, I would have to see you, I’m sorry.

  • stephanie

    When I want to get someone’s hairstyle I simply go on Yahoo or Google images and search for the person, celebrity, etc, finding a picture of them showing the hairstyle I like. My hairdresser takes the picture and has a good idea of what I want that way!

  • Must be Crazy to be here!!

    they have some salons with special computers in them that you can get a picture of your face and put different hair cuts on them try to find one of those, then you can put that hair cut on your face and see how it looks.


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