What tv shows out there are like LOST or as good as LOST?


Dont say Prison break,24,Heroes or Dexter they just dont fill the gap.
Lost is currently my favorite Tv show and now that im accomplished with it i cant uncover any show that can replace it.


Answer by Dani paisa colombiano
falling skies on amc

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  • Me Meh

    I didn’t watch Lost, but the best series ever is Buffy, the Vampire Slayer. The first season isn’t great and maybe the first half of the second one too, but then it gets incredible.

  • Jessica

    Not,sure but maybe…survivor???

  • Carl

    check out heroes

  • Omar Little

    It’s hard to say. There are not that many shows as good as lost. But if you want something as good or even better than lost, I recommend a hidden gem that HBO has. It’s called the Wire. It’s a realistic look at crime in the streets of Baltimore.

  • anahi

    They might not be LIKE Lost but they’re as good as Lost. I know what you mean, nothing will fill the gap, but you gotta find a new show to get hooked on to unless you wanna just watch Lost reruns :/

    Try The Event and Jericho, BUT they only have like a season each.

    My favorites: (different genres)
    1. Legend of the Seeker
    2. Dexter
    3. Lost
    4. Heroes
    5. Psych
    6. Monk
    7. The Walking Dead


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