Whats the highest wind speed ever recorded on the face of the earth?


It was 231mph held given that 1934 on Mount Washington till it was broken in 1996 with a recorded speed of 253mph on Barrow Island
But what about the tornado that hit Oklahoma city in 1999 when a speed of 318mph was recorded. or is it that winds in a tornado do not count for whatever purpose ?


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  • Teacherwitch

    The difference is between straight wind speed and tornadic wind speed. I don’t know exactly why they make a distinction. But I would think the tornado would be the highest.

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  • WhatBrain?

    As a retired meteorologist, I can say with certainty that, I don’t know :). That jumped out at me too. At first I thought straight (constant) wind speed, but the 34 measurement was a gust. I suspect they don’t count hurricanes and tornadoes (often part of a hurricane anyway) because they are extreme events (it appears that they are not counted based on your info). Another guess on my part – we can only hope a weather statistician is aboard and answers, I suppose.

  • Max

    The highest officially recorded wind speed on earth is 372 kph, or 231 mph. It was logged on 12 April 1934, at New Hampshire’s Mount Washington Observatory.

    The 316 mph wind speed recorded in Oklahoma 1999 was logged during an Force 5 tornado. But the measurement was not recorded at “ground level” as the others were. (The instrument was 30 feet up.)


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