Why wont the iPod Touch 4g get iOS 7?


It has been confirmed that it wont get iOS 7. If it is effective enough for the update then why wont it get it. Even the iPad 2 gets iOS 7 and it doesn`t have retina display. The iPhone 4 is pretty the exact same as the iPod Touch 4g and it gets the update. The new 16GB iPod Touch 4G was just released a even though ago.


Answer by Alireza
Damn … I have iPod touch 4G as well , I depressed after hearing that icon sad Why wont the iPod Touch 4g get iOS 7?
Simply because I cannot buy the new generation , it is extremely extremely pricey in my nation :’(

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  • Rohan

    Apple does this so that you will be forced to buy the newer devices. The iphone 4 gets it because it is still being sold by apple. same goes for the ipad 2. the ipod touch 4g was dropped last week. i think it was because of this reason. The iphone 4 also has twice as much ram compared to the ipod touch. apple devices are lucky if they even get two updates.The ipod touch is over 3 years old. I really wished they would add it for the ipod though

  • YahooWii

    I have an iPod touch 4G as well. Just as said, this is done so Apple can basically force you to get a better and newer device.

    I wouldn’t worry though. Since it is coming to the iPhone 4, there may be a way to reverse-engineer the OS into thinking that it’s running on an iPhone 4, but is actually running on an iPod touch.

    There’s no way to ACTUALLY know if this is possible or not until devs get the general idea and attempt to work on it. If it does succeed, it may take a while before it’s released to the general public.

  • Walid

    Because it has less ram memory(256mb) than ophone 4 and 4s(512mb)

  • Anton

    Ya it’s kind of a disappointment because that’s what my sister is using and she won’t be able to experience iOS 7. But technically it had to be done. The 4th generation has been around too long and isn’t keeping up well in an ever growing technological world that’s all about speed and efficiency. The 4g is already slow, i can’t imagine what it’d be like after installing iOS 7. And sales are low on the 5th generation so this move is a good way to fix that. I’m glad I upgraded!

    • 4th Gen iPod

      Anton works for Apple and was paid $5 for this review.

      On a side note, my iPod 4th Gen will be the first AND last of my Apple purchases for this very reason.. It still works other then the fact that there is no support for it any longer.. Because sales have gone down.?

  • scootstado2

    ZDnet reported the following:

    “The most surprising part is that it runs on older iPhones — as far back as the iPhone 4. Some analysts expected it to only reach the iPhone 5 in order to boost sales. iOS 7 will be supported by the iPhone 4 and later, the iPad 2 and later, the iPad mini, and the iPod touch (4th generation) and later. ”

    Earlier reports apparently were wrong.

  • Nick K

    Because apple does this by not supporting the device they want your money they want their customers to get the lastest device, they wont make any money from giving updates to older devices because customers will stay with the device plus I think the iPod touch cant handle iOS 7 with all those animations and the a4 chip driving the retina display that’s why the iPod Laggs in some games due to processing high resolution low ram (256mb) actually (248mb)

  • Jose

    That sucks because I have th iPod 4 and bairly got it! I really wanted iOS 7 on the iPod 4

  • joshua

    I think it’s because they want us to buy a iPod touch 5g to get ios 7. And by the way it’s the new iPod touch 5g 16 GB not the 4g. It’s the same as the normal iPod 5g but has no loop and no camera on the back… I don’t get why they did not let the iphone 4 have ios 7. They had ios 4,5,6 and now they have ios 7!!

  • Joe Blue

    Nobody here really knows about the 4th generation iPod… It was released back in September 2010, which is nearly 3 YEARS AGO. It has a mediocre 256MB of RAM and a SINGLE CORE 1GHZ processor (which is underclocked to 800MHZ by Apple). It has received 9 software updates from apple… Not enough?
    Either you buy a new iPod touch 5th generation, or jailbreak your old iPod touch 4 and install an iOS 7 theme on it.

  • Marco Loya

    yea i agree with some people, i think its bc they want us to upgrade to a newer device cos i mean the 4g has been around for like about 3 year, its kinda sad tho bc we will ether be suck with the old one or we will ether have to buy a new one! but WE NEVER KNOW FOR SURE! so lets just hope that we can update to ISO 7

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